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Thursday's Child NIGHT WITH THE STARS 2016 Thursday's Childhil


Eric Minton Jack Pattie

President Eric Minton
Eric Minton
Janice Newman & Eric Minton

JD Crowe

JD Crowe

Miss Kentucky

Miss Kentucky's

Little Miss Kentucky's

Miss Kentucky playing violin



Off The Clock Band-clock
Off The Clock Band

Miss Kentucky
Little Miss Kentucky 2016
Littlle miss 2016

Jack Pattie
Jack Pattie MC


The Gafford Family

Speaking Family
Adam, Lori and Morgan Gafford


Cassidy Rae

Rae Spiritual Medium & Miss Priss 2015



Enjoying dinner

Marvin Bartlet

Marvin Bartlett viewing
Silent Auction Items

Silent Auction

Betty Poynter looking over silent
auction items



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