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Each night hundreds of Kentucky’s children who go to bed wondering where they will lay their head tomorrow night.   These children are in Kentucky’s foster care system.  Many no longer have legal parents and are waiting for a family to adopt them. These are the children that Thursday’s Child incorporated serves.  Thursday’s Child, a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that supports children and families serviced by the Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange.

Thursday’s Child Inc., a non-profit board, was established in 1989 to support the children and families that are served by the Kentucky Adoption Profile Exchange (KAPE) originally Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP).  In addition to recruitment activities for over 300 Kentucky children awaiting adoption, Thursday’s Child, Inc. assists with funding activities that would not be covered elsewhere.  Your sponsorship of Thursday’s Child “A Night with the Stars will allow Thursday’s Child to continue to support the following activities that promote permanence for these waiting children: picnics and other matching events for waiting children and prospective families, special interest camps, educational grants for children exiting foster care, school and community activities for the waiting children that state monies will not fund, child care for adoption support group meetings and workshops to support the families for families who adopt these children.

Special Thank you to Meijer's on Reynold's Road  for Their Generous $5000.00 Donation to Thursday's Child, Inc. in the picture Brian Fraley Manager, and Tim Hodge Thursday's Child Board Memeber

Donation from Meijers

 Thank You to everyone who participated in the Bourbon Raffle                                                        

Last year Thursday's Child 16 Annual A Bluegrass Night with The Stars honored J.D. Crowe. on August 25, 2022

Sadly one of our beloved board members of 16 years J.D. Crowe passed away this year. In his honor Thursday's Child would like to dedicate our the 2022 Night With The Stars to the memory of JD Crowe.

                                  JD CROWE TRIBUTE

Internationally recognized for his talent on the banjo, fame meant little to J.D. Crowe. He began playing as a boy and continued for the rest of his life not for recognition; for the love of the music and the instrument. Music brought him joy yet his greatest joy came from his family. Performing took him away from home a lot, however, when he was home he focused on his family. He seldom played music at home unless they had guests who requested it.

Husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and friend were the roles he cherished most. J.D. and his wife Sheryl were married for 48 years. They had two children, David, born in 1979 and Stacey born in 1982. Both children joined the family through adoption. His sister also had adopted a daughter so adoption was near and dear to J.D.’s heart. He happily accepted an invitation to join the board of Thursday’s Child Inc. because of his personal connection to adoption and his belief in the goals and objectives of the board. He served as a board member for 16 years and was a current member at the time of his passing. He loved meeting the guests at the yearly Night with the Stars fund raiser as he was very much a people person.

                                         J.D. Crowe and Family

 J.D. was very much the involved parent. Despite a busy performing schedule he made sure he was there for his children’s ball games, school events and family events. He cherished time with his wife and children and was overjoyed when his granddaughter Kylee was born. Kylee and her Papaw had a very special relationship. He beamed with love and pride when he talked about his granddaughter.

       J.D. Crowe his grandaughter Kylee and his wife Sheryl

 J.D. had many endearing qualities. He had the ability to make everyone he encountered feel special. He loved meeting new people. He became excited when young people showed an interest in learning the banjo. He had several young people that he mentored by having them come to his house to work with them on learning to play the banjo. This was a source of great enjoyment for J.D.

 Exploring with Sheryl the things J.D. cherished she shared several things that he considered his prized possessions and recognitions. Drawings and items made for him by Kylee were kept near his recliner. Photos of family and friends were very precious to him as was a basketball autographed by his dear friend Joe B. Hall. It was proudly displayed in their home. 

Over the years recognition and awards came to J.D. on more than one occasion. Two of his most cherished awards were the Governor’s Award in the Arts – Folk Heritage Award which he received in 2001 and his induction into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in 2004. Awards from his home state meant a great deal to him. In 1983 J.D. received a Grammy. Most musicians would be thrilled about receiving such a prestigious award and display it proudly in a place of prominence. Sheryl shared that J.D.’s Grammy is in a cardboard box under his workbench in the garage. Again his love of music and sharing it with the world was his motivation to perform, not awards and recognition.

 J.D. Crowe was a unique and humble man. His talent was perhaps exceeded by his love and devotion to his family and his fellow man. He proudly served as a board member of Thursday’s Child in addition to his many other contributions to his community and his state. His talent will definitely be missed by the Bluegrass music world. His loving and caring heart will be missed by all were fortunate enough to have had him be a part of their world.  









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