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Maria Mongtomery

Maria Montgomery Miss KY USA 2009 and Co-Host of
UK Basketball Games

Bruce Simpson and President Eric Minton

Jack Goose Givens

Former UK/NBA Basketbal Forward 1978 National Championship, Jack Goose Givens & Linda Givens,
Kay & Burton Webb, and Roy Palk

Marc Cruz

Marc Cruser, Yuri & Gina Klyachkin, Shevan Threats, Meredity Meyer, Lydia Akin,Tammy Smallwood, Enid Bamberger, Katherine Tucker Arron

Sam Dick WKYT-27 News Anchor and Dr. Kay Collier McLaughlin,author and daughter of Blanton Collier {former UK and Cleveland Browns coach).

Off The Clock Band

Off the Clock Band

International Junior Miss Jr Princess
Lola Giroux

Victoria Julian and Lola Giroux

Board Member Victoria Fath Giroux
& Julian Giroux
and Lola Giroux

Jack & Julie Pattie

Jack Pattie, Host and former Board Member, WVLK 590 Lexington Morning Show and Julie Pattie

Miss KY Outstanding Teen Joanna Clark & International Jr Miss Princess Lola Giroux

Miss Kentucky Outstanding Teen and International JR Miss JR Princess Lola Giroux

Jack Pattie

Jack Pattie Master of Ceremonies

Eric Minton Lisa Fath

Eric Minton
Thursday's Childs President and Board Member Lisa Fath

Lisa Eric Award

Lisa Fath accepting Presidents Award
from Eric Minton

Jennifer and Thomas Stacy

Jennifer and Thomas Stacy Family
The Stacy Family

Michael Koske and Lee Vevoort actors Walking Dead

Lee Vevoort One of Negan's Saviors from "The Walking Dead" and Michael Koske, Zombie Actor in "The Walking Dead" TV Series

The Walking Dead Actors

Michael and Lee in Character

Carrie And Sonny Price

Board Member Carrie
and Sonny Price



Jeff & Lynn Zellen


Angie Maidonado and
Judge Kathy Stein

Leslie and Hans Mentzer

William and Amber Kittoe

Victoria & Lola Giroux, Lisa Fath,
Jay Shidler and friends

Lance and LaTonya Hocker

Atrusa of Lexington

Altrusa of Lexington

Kim Miller, Angie Smith, Karen Davis



Erika Abe,WDKY-56 New Co-Anchor

Board Member Jennifer Hall, Tiffany Dail, Board Member Carrie
Price and friends

Lynn Zellen, Brandon and Jessica

Jennifer Hayes and Sharon Muse, Author of "Pursuing Justice" series
coming out March 2019

Actors Lee Vevoort and Michael Koske with Board Member Sharon Bradley

Sam Dick

Presdient Eric Minton, Erika Abe,WDKY-56 New Co-Ancho and Channel 27 News Anchor Sam Dick

Board Member, Sally Malmer and friends


Dennis Dillon,Dead Air Dennis" DJ at WKQQ 100.1
Katherine & Tyler Buttleman, Bob & Treva Fronk, Tina & scott Nasvis Alisha & Wil Winstead

Jay Schilder

Board Member Lisa Fath and Jay Shidler, UK Basketball Guard on the 1978 Championship Team

Miss KY Outstanding Teen Jessaca Clark and Miss

Dale & Kelli Gillespie, Tracy Haskins, Jim Kemper. Todd & Rebecca ┬Čayne, Glenn Thomsen

Pat Ingraham, Virginia Smith, Lynda Price, BJ Glasscock, Brooke Thomas

Jessica Wheeler, Kim Mosley, Tina Godby, Karen Crawford, Emily Puckett, Loralee Ridge

Duce Williams, Kentucky Wildcat Football Linebacker 1989-1993 & Jackie Williams

Marc Cruser, Yuri & Gina Klyachkin, Shevan Threats, Meredity Meyer, Lydia Akin, Tammy Smallwood

Arron and Joanne Brulc

Alisha & Wil Winstead

Bob & Triva Fronk

Chorya Morton, Ginny Smith, BJ Glascock, Lanita Moore

Shawn Spears and Kelly Zent

The Gillespies

Lola and her mom Victoria Giroux

Friends Friends
Friends friends

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