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Miss Kentuckies

Miss Kentucky and Miss Little Lexington

JD Crowe

J.D. Crowe Legendary Musician and
Thursday"s Child Board Member and
Sonny Price

Eric Minton

Kyir Elzy, Uk Woman's Basketball Assistant Head Coach, Niya Butts,Uk Women's Basketball Assistant Coach, Eric Minton President Thursday's Child, Ricky Lumpkin, former Uk Football & NFL Defensive Tackle

Gary McComas

Gary McComas Thursday"s Child
Board Member

Friends of Thursday's Child
Amy Prreston, Anthoney Stephen Throughbred Jockey Friends of Thurday's Child

Jackie Pattie
Jack Pattie MC
WVLK 590 Lexington Morning Show

Eric Minton

Eric Minton Pesident Thursday"s Child

Eric Minton Tom Hammond
Eric Minton giving Tom Hammond, NBC Sports Commentator Tursday's Child Presdient's Award

Eric Minton Jack Pattie

Eric Minton and Jack Pattie recieving
Thursdays's Child awaed for years of service


Tim ERic
Eric Tim Joan
Eric and Joan Minton and Tim Hodge receiving Award for years of service

guestPingleton Family Thursday's Child Guest Speakers

Pingleton family





Jack Jay
Former Wildcat Basketball players: Jack Goose Givens and Jay Shidler And Michael Tyomas Conch Republic Band

Lisa Fath Board Memberand Little Miss Kentucky

Wendy Barnett

Gary and Susan Kleindl

Lanila Moore,Erin Mayhorn, Danielle and Stephen Khoury

Patty and Richard Pellgreni Family

Ben Lacy

Jacj Goose Givens and Jay Shidler

Brian Mitchell

Brian Jarrett And David Haskins

Brandon Brake and Jess

Jake and Becca Graffy

Tyler and Katharine Buttleman

Sturgeon Thursday's Child Secretary

Steve Buttleman Keenland and Churchhill Downs Bugler

Sam Dick WKYT-27 News Anchor



Tracy Haskins and Eric Minton

Thursday's Child Board Members Tiffany Dail and Carrie Price

Lanny Brattain and David Haskins

Tom Hammonds and Jack Pattie

Earl and Betty Peynter

Tom Hines

Hans Mentzer

Peighton Yantz and Cathy Moore

Ed and Amy Preston Thursday's Child Board Member

Wic Winstead

Bob Crum, Tim Hodge Board Member, John Brown

Peighton Yantz, Lydia Akin Thursday's Child Board Member and Cathy Moore

Anthony Stephen Throughbred Jockey

Jack and Julie Pattie

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